CW Harris Elementary School Window Replacement
February 28, 2018
Subcontractor Reach Out Event
June 25, 2019

Job Description

The main duties of this position will be to greet visitors, take calls and manage scheduling. Addition routine tasks may include assisting the bookkeeper/office manager on their daily tasks, as well as updating the company website and social networks, amongst other tasks.

Daily Upkeep

Answering phones, filing, copying, ordering supplies, sorting mail, relaying messages, composing correspondence and doing other basic tasks common to business operations are the expectations from a receptionist. They also may assume HR/accounting duties such as gathering time cards, running payroll and reviewing expense reports. Submit payment applications every month, collect reports and assist with bid presentations.


When a meeting needs to be scheduled, receptionists contact the people involved to set up a time and a place. Likewise, they take care of travel arrangements when staff members must go out of town. Within the office, they are expected to handle a vast amount of paperwork. Their consistent attention to where blueprints, contracts, and the like need to be stored ensures that documents can be easily retrieved on demand. They also input data into computers so that up-to-date information on project costs and status is ready.

Attending to Details

The construction business involves a variety of policies and procedures that must be followed. Receptionists help to ensure what needs to be done gets completed thoroughly and on time. They may be responsible for keeping track of when specific bids or contracts are due and making sure supporting material gets to the right people. Likewise, construction secretaries may get called on to submit construction permit requests and follow through on their obtainment.

Key skills for Receptionists

Excellent communication, customer service, and relationship-building skills

Teamworking skills

Organization and time management skills

Attention to detail

Negotiation skills


Tact, discretion, and diplomacy

The ability to be proactive and use your initiative: to see what needs doing and to do it

The ability to use standard software packages (e.g. Microsoft Office) and to learn bespoke packages if required.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $31,200.00 to $33,280.00 /year